Charcoal Smoke Tint

Mr Tint's Charcoal range is our most popular product for car window tints. Whether it's a light smoke or a limo black tint you're looking for, you'll find all the information you need, right here, to help you make your choice.

70% - Light Smoke

Our light smoke tint is the lightest tint in the charcoal range. Boasting superior optical clarity this window film will not restrict your vision when driving in any way, in fact it actually helps to reduce glare from the sun and from headlights giving you a more comfortable driving experience. Used mainly for glare reduction and UV protection this film is perfect for those who do not want to alter the appearance of their glass.

35% - Medium Smoke

Our 35% tint is a subtle, smoke tint that will give the glass a slightly black appearance while still mainting vision through the glass. Adding a touch of class to executive vehicles, this tint will darken the glass ever so slightly while mainting unrestricted vision while driving. Great for enhancing the look of your car without cahnging it dramatically

20% - Dark Smoke

Also known as 'Midnight', a Dark Smoke tint will make a considerable difference to your glass. Reducing visible light transmission by 80% the glass will have a dark, black finish providing good heat and glare reduction and also gives plenty of privacy. This is the tint used by most car dealerships looking to add privacy glass to their vehicles.

5% - Limo Black

Limo Black is famous for one reason, because it's black. Blocking out 95% of visible light, it is nearly impossible to see into the glass. This is perfect for those who need privacy above all else. Limo black also boast an impressive 95% glare reduction which means those dazzling Xenon or HID headlights are no longer a problem.

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