Windscreen Sunstrips

Glare from the sun is a real nuisance for drivers. We have all been in the situation where the sun has been in our eyes, particularly in the early moring or in the evening rush hour. The problem is intensified in the summer, but is still present in the spring and autumn months when the sun sits low on the horizon. And although the cars visor may eliminate glare, more often than not it obscures your view of the road even more. A simple and cost effective solution is to have a sunstrip applied to your vehicle windscreen, reducing sun glare while still allowing you to see out.

A sunstrip is a tinted band that is installed to run along the top of your windscreen, which is the area of the glass that the majority of solar glare affects. It is a solid band that runs the entire width of your screen meaning that the sun is blocked no matter which direction you travel. A common flaw with the plastic sun visor is that the sun ends up creeping out from behind them (normally around the rear view mirror). A tinted sunstrip eliminates this problem completely.

A tinted sunstrip has several advantages. A sunstrip helps block the sun from getting into your eyes by reducing glare on the windscreen. Mr Tint's charcoal tint range can cut down visible light transmission by up to 95%. Another aspect to tinted sunstrips is that they can make large windscreens appear to look smaller, which is an effect that many of our customer's have requested.

Looking for something a little different?

We can create and install custom sunstrips with your own design on it. Just let us know what you're looking for and we can cut it in house with our plotter.
Got your own sunstrip? No problem. Just bring it in to us and we can install your own sunstrip.

Our Glasgow tinting centre is open 6 days per week and our specialist staff are on hand to help you with any vehicle tinting enquiry that you may have. Contact us now if you're looking for a windscreen sunstrip or if you need more information on any of our products.