Solar Control Window Films - Heat

We all enjoy a bit of sun as we work, but too much heat can make offices and other workplaces hot and uncomfortable causing problems in any rooms with windows. By installing one of Mr Tint's solar control films you can reduce how much heat is transmitted through the glass into your office.

Available in an array of different shades and colours, each film varies in appearance and performance. We can provide free samples of each of our film types, allowing you to see first-hand how each product looks, feels and performs.

Solar control film has many benefits including the reduction of glare and fading caused by the suns harmful rays. It can also help lower energy consumption by reducing the strain on air conditioning units, which can help you save money on energy bills and improve your carbon footprint.

Mr Tint's experienced installation team cover the whole of the UK and are able to install film internally and externally. Whatever the size and shape of your building, our staff are fully qualified by IPAF and hold Powered Access Licenses (PAL), allowing us to tint any hard to reach windows.

To find out more about our solar control films and how they could benefit you, please contact our friendly and professional team today on 0141 550 8282 or drop us an email at Our fully trained staff are always happy to discuss your requirements and suggest the best possible solution for your situation.