Car Window Tinting Airdrie

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Window Tints

Car window tinting has many advantages from heat reduction to in car safety and even health benefits. With a range of colours and shades to choose from, the right choice for your car is just a phone call away. Call us to find out more about window tinting for your car.

If you are more concerned about security than aesthetics then clear safety film is the right chioce for you.  Security film is designed for automotive use and will prevent windows being easily smashed by vandals and burglars. In addition, safety film will hold the glass in place if the window is broken protecting passengers from injury caused by flying glass.

Tinting the windows of the car also have a number of practical health benefits.  For example, UV rays from the sun cause damage to leather seats and upholstery and depreciate the value of the vehicle.  Window tints can prevent this by blocking those UV rays. Window film can also provide health benefits by protecting the skin and eyes from UV making a safer and more comfortable journey.

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