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Window Tints

Ever seen a limo go sweeping past you in the street and thought you would love to have the windows of your car look the same?  Well, you can and Mr Tint can transform the look of your car today

Here at Mr Tint we offer a number of different tints to car windows and pride ourselves on the quality of the tints we install.  We use only the best quality tints and have a proven process that means we get the same top results every time.

Our Limo Black tint is the same standard of tint used in limousine car windows and offer complete privacy inside the vehicle.  The perfect choice for those who leave valuables in the vehicle that might be a temptation for thieves if they could see them.

Another reason that the 5% tint is a great option is because it prevents UV damage to the interior of your car.  Over time, sunlight fades and bleaches car interiors and makes them look patchy.  But by having a quality tint in place, this can be prevented as the tint stops 99% of the UV rays from entering the vehicle.

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