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Window Tints

Having the car windows tinted might seem to be a purely cosmetic move, changing the look of the car and making it harder to see inside.  What is surprising for those who haven’t had tinted windows before is that there can actually be health benefits to having car windows tinted.

By opting for a good quality company offering car window tinting in Bellshill, you can have a coating on your windows that reduces up to 99% of the UVA and UVB rays that come in sunlight and enter your car.  While windows have a natural ability to stop these rays to a small degree, adding a tint increases this figure dramatically.

But why would this be a health benefit?  These rays of sun are among the top causes of skin cancer and if you spend a bit of time in your car, your arms, neck and shoulders are being bombarded by these rays.  While a bit of sunshine is a great thing, these rays could be exposing you to potential damage to your skin from aging affects to much more serious conditions.  A tint on the window dramatically reduces these rays entering the car and therefore could be good for your health.

Using a quality tint also reduces the risk of sun glare causing you to be momentarily blinded.  This effect is something we have all encountered and often leads to accidents during the summer.  By combating this with a tinted window, you can reduce your chances of having an accident due to the sun.

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