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Window Tints

It is always lovely to see the sun in the sky, feel its rays beating down on us.  But after a while sitting in the car, the heat starts to build up.  Or you open the car after a sunny afternoon and the heat is like a physical barrier.  Not only does the heat get to you but the suns UV rays can cause damage to your upholstery over time, bleaching colours and fading the dashboard.

One of the best ways to combat this problem is to have your car windows tinted.  Once seen as something that the rich and famous had on their limousines, high quality windosw tinting is now available to everyone.  And while the added privacy is a great thing, there are a number of other substantial benefits to having your car windows tinted.

Blocking those UV rays is a big one – preventing damage to the car’s interior, reducing the build-up of heat in the car and even helping to save you from exposure to them when you are in the car.  UV rays can be responsible for ageing the skin as well as partly to blame for skin cancers so any way to cut down exposure is always a good thing.  All of our automotive tints block 99% of UV rays from entering the car.

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