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Window Tints

One of the top reasons for tinting car windows is to change the appearance of the car.  But a close second is a level of comfort that comes from tinted windows that many people don’t realise.

Ever driven down the road and had the sun glaring through your side window?  That sudden flash of bright light can ruin your vision while the constant glare can lead to a loss of vision for a split second, either of which can lead to an accident.  However, by tinting your car windows, this glare can be dramatically reduced, leading to a more comfortable ride and a reduced risk of such sun blindness.

The tinting of the windows can also help reduce the heat inside the car, another common problem on sunny days.  You open the car door and the heat hits you, making it uncomfortable to be inside the car.  But by having a tinting on the windows, the amount of sunlight entering the car can be reduced dramatically.  This has another benefit – sun damages the colour of the upholstery within the car so by reducing the rays entering the vehicle, this amount of damage can be reduced.

Nearly all car tints, regardless of how dark, cut out a very high percentage of the UVA and UVB rays that come into the car.  Good quality tints can cut out as much as 99% of these rays with a range of benefits for the occupants of the car, ranging from a reduced temperature and glare to a reduction in the damage from these powerful rays.

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