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Window Tints

People who have had their car windows tinted often talk about the practicality of the change.  However, if you speak to an expert in car window tinting such as Mr Tint, you will discover that there are more benefits to window tinting than merely changing the look of the car.

From the darkest to the lightest, all the tints offered by the company provide a 99% UV protection level.  This means is that when you are in the car our window film will protect you from the suns harmful UV rays.  If you have a tint on the window, 99% of these rays will be blocked, making for a more pleasant ride.

Another benefit to car tints is that it is harder to see inside the vehicle and therefore you have enhanced security.  For some people, this means travelling around without being seen.  For others it might mean if you forget and leave something valuable on the back seat, it is harder to see due to the tint. This means those opportunistic thieves are less likely to spot it and try to break into the car.

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