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Window Tints

Choosing to have your car windows tinted might seem like something that kids do with their first car but in fact is something people from all age groups are considering for the practical benefits as well as the aesthetic appeal.  Mr Tint offer different levels of tinting to our customers.  These are applied by experts using the very latest, high quality tinting products that ensure a high quality, long lasting finish. 

If you want car window tinting to be as dark as possible, then go for the 5% window tint, often referred to as Limo Black as it is the shade used on limousines.  This means you cannot see into the car from outside and can be applied to all rear windows as well as the back windscreen.  It stops around 99% of harmful UV rays entering the vehicle and prevents sun damage to upholstery.

The 20% tint is the next level up and creates a dark smoke look to the vehicle.  Viewers from outside could see someone was in the vehicle but not any details of them and is a great measure for protecting belongings within the car for being seen.

The 35% tint is the second lightest and allows people to see into the vehicle but still gives the UV ray protection and obscures the view slightly.

The 70% tint is a very light tint that gives car windows a slight hint of colour and a nice glossy finish.  This helps protect against the suns UV rays and to stop upholstery from fading.


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