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Mr Tint provides a car window tinting service to clients in the east-end of Glasgow - please call us to discuss your requirements: 0141 550 8282.

Window Tints

With the availability of DIY tinting kits, it can be tempting to have a go yourself and not pay someone to do it for you.  Like a lot of DIY projects, car tinting is something that may seem simple but the reality can be more complicated and if it goes wrong, it can be a real pain.

For starters, when you use an expert in car window tinting from East-End of Glasgow, you don’t have to worry about rules and regulations.  And yes, no matter what anyone tells you, there are rules and regulations that apply to tinting your windows.  There are careful stipulations about what you can do and if you don’t comply with these rules, you face a lot of trouble including a prohibition notice that stops you using the car right up to a penalty notice or court summons.  By using such an expert for the job, you don’t have to stress that the tint you use isn’t the right one and you are going to have problems.

The other main problem you will find with DIY products is that they aren’t always the best quality.  Unless you can source professional grade tints and know how to apply them, the end result can be less than stunning.  This will often mean you need to see an expert to correct the problem so by seeing them in the first place, you can actually end up saving yourself money.

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