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Window Tints

Car window tinting might seem like something that young drivers do or that famous people have on their cars but there is a surprising amount of practical benefits to tinting windows that could be helpful for even family vehicles.

Car window tints are primarily useful for stopping the amount of light that gets into your car. Different tints stop different amounts of visible light, with varieties such as Limo Black stopping all but 5% of the light entering the vehicle – this is the darkest available within the legal restrictions on car window tinting in East Kilbride.

As well as making for a more comfortable ride for people in the rear of the vehicle, these tints can also ease the damage done to the car’s interior by the sun. We have all moved something within the car that has been in place for a long time and realised that the upholstery has been bleached by the sun. By adding tints to the rear windows, this can be eased and upholstery will last longer.

Privacy is one of the main reasons for adding tints to windows but even this has different elements to it. While you may not be concerned about your rear passengers being seen, it may be that you leave belongings in the car and would like the tint to make it harder to see these. This can apply to small vans as well, where tradesmen leave their equipment in the vehicle and tinted windows stop anyone seeing this.

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