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Window Tints

There’s no doubt that getting your car windows tinted looks cool but did you also realise that it makes your car cool – in the literal sense of the word?  Tinted windows perform a function that often people overlook.  They reduce the amount of UV rays that can enter the car and therefore lower the interior temperature.  They are therefore a lot like sunglasses for your car’s rear windows.

UV rays not only create heat in the car and can make for an uncomfortable ride but they damage your car interior.  Having a tint on your windows can extend the lifespan of car upholstery by up to 60% depending on the tint used.  This means you could have a smart and stylish interior to your vehicle for years longer than without the tints and means when you come to sell the car, you get the best possible price for it.

As well as stopping those UV rays, window tints also stop prying eyes.  Ever have a panic in the middle of the night because your laptop is lying on your car backseat?  Sure, car crime has reduced dramatically in recent years but many people opt for car window tinting in Falkirk for that extra piece of mind that it provides.  If burglars can’t see into your car, especially at night, then they are far less likely to try to break into the vehicle to steal things – the risk simply isn’t worth it if they can’t spot any valuables.

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