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Window Tints

At one time, car window tinting in Glasgow was seen as something that the celebritity football players did with their cars or that the young lads did to look cool.  Sure, having tinted windows does add a little something to the look of the car but there are also some surprisingly simple benefits that adding tint to your windows can give you.

After the appearance improvement that makes tinting windows popular with many people, which now comes in a wide range of colours and styles, there is a degree of security to having windows that cannot easily be seen through.  Remember, this is one of the original reasons we came to associate tinted windows with the rich and famous – it gave them privacy in their cars.  For the rest of us this means that people cannot see what is inside the car easily and therefore belongings are safer.

The right window tint, done professionally, is also a heat screen that helps reduce the temperature within the car on sunny days.  It can have as much as a 60% decrease on the heat inside the car, making arriving at your car on a hot day less of a trial.

Finally, the tint also protects the interior of the car from damage by the sun over time.  We have all seen the effects that sunlight has on car interiors including fading and bleaching but a window tint can help reduce this impact substantially.

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