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Window Tints

DIY car window tinting in Glenrothes and around the country became quite the thing at one stage until people realised that unless you are an expert at applying the tints, they can be a tricky thing to deal with.  The result can often be a cracked or peeling tint that looks a bit of a mess.  That’s why companies such as Mr Tint came along – they knew people wanted tinted windows but also wanted to provide a high quality product that looked great and stayed that way.

A high quality tint expertly applied to a window makes a car a little unique and more eye catching.  It also makes the car a little safer than others of the same make and model because a good quality tint means windows are tougher to break.  Their very nature also means it is harder to see inside the car and therefore opportunist thieves are less likely to spot something on the back seat to steal.

By using a professional window tinting service, you can also be certain that all of your tints are within the rules and regulations.  The law about tinted windows is quite specific, including rules about what windows you can and cannot tint, how much light must be able to get through the tint and even about things like mirrors.  By using a professional, you can be certain that your tints are both high quality and legal.

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