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Window Tints

Ever left something in your car for a few months then moved it and realised the upholstery under it is darker than the rest of the seat? This effect comes from the sun’s rays, called UV or ultra-violet. Invisible to our eyes, they can cause a lot of damage and are one of the reasons we are always recommended to keep out of the sun to avoid skin cancer.

While upholstery isn’t in danger of such things, it can be bleached and made to look old by the UV rays. This means after a couple of years, there can be a dramatic different in colour from the original look and this can spoil your car. Not only that but items within the car can also be bleached and ruined by those powerful rays.

One easy solution to reduce the amount of damage is to go to a specialist in car window tinting serving Gourock. By adding a legal and appropriate tint to your window, you can reduce the damage to the upholstery in your car. Add a screen to the front window when the car isn’t in use and this is reduced even further.

Not only does it help upholstery but car window tinting also means that occupants of the car aren’t exposed to as much UV light as they would be normally. We all understand the dangers of UV light and while car windows do have a little defence against this, tints increase this dramatically.

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