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Window Tints

For many people, tinting their car windows is all about appearance – hiding what is inside the car and changing its appearance from the standard look.  But there are more benefits to car window tinting in Hamilton than just changing the look of the car.

One benefit that many people don’t realise is that a good quality car tint will add a level of safety to the car windows.  When a normal window shatters under impact in an accident, the glass will shatter into many pieces.  However, when the window has a tint on it, the film used to create the tint acts as a glue that holds the window together.  This means that rather than lots of tiny fragments, you may simply encounter several larger ones.  This reduces the chance of being cut by the glass.

Another security element to tinting windows is part of the fact that you can’t see into the car.  While this gives a nice sense of privacy when you are driving the car, it has an added advantage that makes it harder for thieves to see into the car.  Many of us have nice car stereos, GPS systems or other expensive electronic equipment that we keep in the car.  Tinted windows help to protect this equipment and reduces the risk of a break-in through some opportune thief spotting it.

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