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Window Tints

While car crime is not at the levels it once was due to the high quality security systems on many cars, smash and grab opportunist thieves are still a problem. They see valuables inside a car, grab a weapon and smash the window to grab them. But what if they couldn’t see the valuables in the first place?

Car window tinting has long been seen as something you do to limos or is done by famous people to stop cameramen taking their picture. But there are real practical reasons to have windows tinted for anyone and one of them is that it stops the thief’s ability to see inside the car. If they can’t see those valuables, then they can’t steal them so it reduces the chance that your car is victim to this kind of vandalism.

Smashed tinted windows also hold together better than those without the tint. So, if you are in an accident or someone smashes your window, then the tint can help minimalize the damage or injury in the car and can even put off casual thieves if the window doesn’t smash instantly – all that noise can raise attention and that’s the last thing they want.

Tints also protect the upholstery of the car from UV damage which is slow but happens to all vehicles. This can bleach the upholstery and other fittings, spoiling the look of the car’s interior. But tints can reduce the amount of UV light that gets through and therefore dramatically slow down the process.

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