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Window Tints

When talking to an expert in car window tinting in Lanarkshire, you will quickly realise that there is more to getting your car windows tinted that just changing the appearance of the car.  Tinting windows can help to keep the interior temperature at a manageable level, stop UV damage and fading to upholstery as well as make a vehicle less likely to be targeted by thieves for its contents.

Here at Mr Tint we offer a number of different levels of tinting to suit all requirements, all of which are within the current laws on the subject.  The darkest tint is called Limo Black and is a 5% tint that is most often used in limos and by professional car services. 

Next on the list is the Dark Smoke tint which is a 20% tint and means that if you were sitting in the back seat, a viewer could see your outline but no details.  This is popular due to its ability to mask anything inside the vehicle and also to greatly reduce any UV damage to upholstery.

The 35% car tint makes for a visible tint but not as much as the previous two versions.  It is popular with people that have kids who still like to look out of the window while still giving some protection.  Finally, the lightest tint is the 70% tint that gives windows a gentle hint of a tint but doesn’t obscure the vision from within at all.

There are even fun coloured tints to match in with the colour of your car including green, pink, purple and blue so if you want a truly unique look to your vehicle, this can be achieved.

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