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Window Tints

There are lots of reasons for having your car windows tinted – you may like the privacy, may be concerned about people seeing belongings left in the car or might be sick of sunlight damage to the car’s interior.  Whatever the reason for it, when you get the job done, make sure you use an expert in car windows tinting such as Mr Tint to get the best results.

Currently, we offer four different levels to our bestselling charcoal tint range.  This allows you to go as dark as you want while still being within the legal limits for your side windows.  If you want a subtle tint to the window that still allows perfect clarity when looking out, then the 70% Light Smoke option will be the one.  This is great for reducing glare and also to protect against UV damage.

The Medium Smoke or the 35% tint is the next level up and is a popular shade with executive cars.  You can still see through the window clearly but it does change the look of the car and hide the contents of the vehicle somewhat.

The second darkest tint is the Dark Smoke or 20% tint, also known as Midnight.  This reduces light into the car by around 80% and makes the glass have a very dark finish with great privacy and glare reduction.  It is a popular choice with car dealerships.

The very darkest tint is the 5% tint, known as Limo Black as it is the tint used on stretch limousines to give the occupants the highest level of privacy.  It gives a 95% block to visible light and the same amount of glare reduction, meaning being blinded by bright headlights is no longer a problem.

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