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At one time, the whole window tinting law was a little vague and there were unscrupulous tinters out there who turned a blind eye to what the rules applying to their trade actually were.  Today, the law is perfectly clear and it tells you what you can and cannot do with the windows of your car.  While any good expert in car window tinting in Maryhill will tell you the law and what it means to you, it never hurts to know a little yourself.

For starters, the rules laid down in January 2004 state that 70% of visible light must pass through the driver’s side windows and through the windscreen which includes any substrate that is added to the glass (in other words, a tint).  Now the trick part is that people think this means they have 30% to play with but this is assuming glass lets in 100% light and it doesn’t!  in reality it only lets in around 86% of light and this figure differs between manufacturers.

So the safest bet for front windows and windscreens is to avoid it unless you can conclusively prove the light percentage getting into the car.  If you can’t, then the car can be stopped by the police, tested and even served with a prohibition order taking it off the road.

The good news is that these laws only apply to the front windscreen and front side windows, so you are free to have the remaining windows tinted as you like.

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