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Window Tints

When you decide to go for car window tinting in Motherwell, one of the first concerns is that the tint you have added complies with the law on the matter.  From January 2004, regulations say that 70% of visible light must be able to pass through the window on the driver’s side and 75% through the windscreen.  However, this doesn’t mean you can go up to a 30% tint.  This is because glass doesn’t let through 100% of the light, only around 86% so in fact this means that a tint can only be up to around 10%.

However, the good news is that there are no regulations in place with regards to the rear windows in the vehicle or the rear windscreen and there are a variety of different depths of tint that can be applied to these.  Whenever you tint your windows, you should always inform your insurance company as these can be classed as a modification and could lead to an invalid policy if they aren’t advised.

Here at Mr Tint, we have four different levels of tint available.  These range from a light through to a limo black level of tint so regardless of the style you want, we have a quality product that will suit your needs.  All our tints come with a guarantee of quality because we always want our customers to be 100% satisfied.

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