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Window Tints

So you like the look of tinted car windows but aren’t sure if there are enough benefits to make it worth the cost?  Sure, the car looks great after the windows are tinted but you need more than just appearances to justify spending the money.  Not a problem, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Car window tinting comes in a variety of different shades, from the kind of tint used on a limousine through to a gentle tint.  All styles of tint have a natural defence against UV rays from the sun and can protect both occupants of the car and the car itself.  Ever noticed your upholstery has become faded over time?  This is due to the sun’s rays coming into the car.  Adding a tint to the rear windows can reduce this dramatically and therefore increase the lifespan of the car interior.

Tinted windows also make for a more comfortable journey for those in the back.  Sitting in a car with the sun beating down on you can be uncomfortable and even make some kids feel sick.  Tints on the windows reduces this glare, makes for a more comfortable ride and reduces the chance of car sickness due to the heat.

And yes, tinting does enhance the look of the car.  Good quality tinting, such as the products offered by Mr Tint, can make your car stand out from the pack, be something a little different as well as practical.  So why not treat your car and yourself to a window tinting session and enjoy all these benefits and more?

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