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Window Tints

Car window tinting has become a popular way to personalise your car but is about more than just the looks. Sure, it enhances the look of a car, makes it different from others of the same make and has the cool factor. But it does more than just look good – there are a number of practical benefits to window tinting.

Over time, the sun’s UV rays can cause a surprising amount of damage to the interior of a car. If you have ever moved a cushion on a car that is a few years old, you will quickly see that the sheltered part will have retained its original colour while the area exposed to the sun will have faded. This is due to the UV rays bleaching the colour from the upholstery.

But by having tinted windows, you have reduced this damage. The darker the tint, the more protection you gain from those annoying rays. This means that in a couple of years, the different between exposed and protected areas of upholstery will be much less.

The rays that bleach the seats also make for a hot and uncomfortable journey in cars and means you need to ride with the window down. But if you have kids, this often isn’t practical. The compromise is to use window tinting. This protects the interior of the car from the sunlight making it cooler and more comfortable but doesn’t require the window to be open with its associated concerns.

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