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Window Tints

While breaking into cars is much more difficult than it used to be and therefore such crimes are at a lower rate, thefts do happen.  More often, the incident is an attempted theft or simply a malicious act that has seen windows broken.  While very little can stop this happening completely, you can help minimalize the chances by adding a tint to your windows.

While car window tinting in Rutherglen is largely seen as a cosmetic job, there are security benefits in addition to the change of appearance.  Window tinting films add an extra layer of strength to a car or van window, making them harder to break.  They also mean it is harder to see into the vehicle and for potential thieves to spot valuables, therefore tempting them to break into the car.

For commercial cars and vans, there are even security tints that work in the same way but with a higher degree of security.  These can come in mirrored options for rear windows of vehicles, meaning those thieves cannot see the tools or equipment in the vehicle at all.  And if they do decide to chance it and smash the window, the film will make it harder for them to knock it out and gain access to the vehicle.

Therefore, having car windows tinted not only changes the look of the vehicle away from the standard manufacturers appearance but even adds an extra security layer to the vehicle.

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