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Window Tints

When you see a car with tinted windows, it looks that little bit sharper than a normal car.  We often think there is someone famous inside or at least someone with a lot of money!  The truth is that using an expert in car window tinting in south-side of Glasgow means that having your car windows tinted doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  And as well as looking good, there are actually some serious benefits to it.

Firstly, tinted glass can block out UVA and UVB rays from the sun as well as infrared light.  These are the rays that heat up the car and make it uncomfortable to sit in or mean you have to run the air conditioning on full all the time.  Window tints can block up to 99% of these rays depending on the type used and reduces exposure to the dangers of the sun for the occupants.  It also reduces fading on the interior of the car which is subtle but can cause massive changes in colour over time.

There is also a security element to tinted windows.  We all leave stuff in our car, even if we know it has little or no value.  Thieves will often break into cars because they see something inside that might be valuable.  By having tinted windows, thieves cannot see into the car and will be less inclined to waste their time in blind hope.

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