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Window Tints

There’s no doubt that tinting your car windows creates a unique and smart look to the vehicle.  It is favoured for a whole host of reasons too in addition to the aesthetic appeal of the darkened windows.  But around the country, motorists are falling foul of the law and are getting into trouble with the police due to the darkness of their window tints and which windows they have had tinted.

So how do you enjoy the look of tinted windows without running the risk of a call from the local police?  The answer is simple – use a professional company offering car window tinting in Stirling.  Mr Tint is one such company and we can guarantee that the tints we offer are in compliance with all the laws and won’t earn you a stern telling off from the police.

The laws are pretty strict about tinting windows because if it is done wrong, it can obscure the driver’s view and lead to accidents.  Therefore, the law currently states that you must allow 70% of the light through the front windows and 75% through the windscreen.  What this doesn’t explain is that a normal car window doesn’t allow 100% of the light in anyway, so effectively there is only a small percentage allowance on these windows.

The rest of the windows on the car are not so heavily regulated because they don’t affect the driver’s field of vision.  There are different tints available to darken the rear windows that look stylish but still allow you to see through them if needed.  And all of the tints we use comply with the current regulations.

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