Glass Manifestation

Manifestation of glass is a requirement for any commercial workplace if glass is installed in critical locations. Manifestation is a cost-effective and efficient way of turning statutory safety products into something stylish and desirable.

Current building regulations dictate specific requirements in regards to the use of glazing when used as glass partition walls, doors and glass screens. Approved Document Part K (England and Wales) and Scottish Building Standard 4.8.2 (Collision with glazing) set out the legal requirements in respect to manifestation on glazing.

The regulations state that glass must be marked at specific locations on the glazing which makes the glass clearly visible to prevent a collision. Manifestation should be applied to glass installed within critical locations, as defined in BS 6262 (see Fig 1).

Manifestation is installed using a frosted film or coloured vinyl where the appearance contrasts with the background making it clearly visible. Designs vary widely but can be as simple as stripes, spots or squares, or can be more personalised using logos or brands.

The areas that must be marked are between 850mm and 1000mm, and between 1400mm and 1600mm above the finished floor level. The material used on the glass must provide a contrast between the glass and the background (see Fig 3).

Manifestation is also a great way of enhancing the appearance of your glazing. By installing one of our patterns, custom designs or even your company logo, you can transform a plain piece of glass into a captivating feature.

Mr Tint's experienced installation team cover the whole of the UK and are able to install film internally and externally. Whatever the size and shape of your building, our staff are fully qualified by IPAF and hold Powered Access Licenses (PAL), allowing us to tint any hard to reach windows.

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