Coronavirus Guidelines

Mr Tint is taking Coronavirus very serioulsy and we are commited to ensuring that we do everything we can to protect the health and safety of both our staff and customers. These are challenging times for all and it will take some time before things can return to normal. However, until then, we have incorporated some guidelines for our staff and customers to follow to help keep each other safe as we move forward.

Please take a few minutes to read over the information and watch our short video on how to protect each other and prevent the spread of Coronavirus when you visit our shop.

Contacting Mr Tint

We encourage all customers to contact us via phone or online. Avoid dropping in where possible to prevent the spread of the virus. You can contact us safely in the following ways:

Filling in our Online form
Calling us on 0141 550 8282
Or by sending us a message on social media

When you arrive

We encourage all customers and visitors to travel alone wherever possible. Don't bring passengers with you to your appoinment unless it is essential. This will help minimise the number of people who could interact helping to prevent the spread of the virus.

We are implementing a locked door service during the outbreak to prevent people from gathering inside. When you arrive we will come out to meet you, allowing only one customer inside the shop at a time. We will have hand sanitiser available for you to use when you enter and leave. If you arrive and there is another customer inside, please wait outside and stand at least 2 metres away from the door and other people.

When talking to staff please maintain the 2 metre distance rule

Once you arrive we will get you signed in and go through the work you're having done. We'll take your details and contact you when your car is ready to be collected. Please remove your car key from your keyring prior to arriving so we can easily sanitise the key before and after work.

Once you've dropped your car off

Depending on the work your having done, you may have to leave your car for a few hours. For those who travel some distance we would normally have a waiting room. However, for safety reason we are temporarily closing our waiting room to all customers. We understand this could be inconvienient to some, but we have taken this step to protect the public during this time.

We will sanitise all areas of the car that involve the work before we start, and again after we have completed the work. Our staff will wear appropriate PPE, eg. face masks, latex gloves etc. whilst working on your car. Once work is complete staff will santise all relevant areas before parking the car up.

Once your car is ready for collection

Once we have completed the work on your car we will sanitise all areas that we worked on and park it up. We will contact you to let you know when your car is ready to be collected. Please do not come back to collect your car until we have confirmed that it is ready. Only come back when we have asked you to, so you can arive and drive off in as short a time as possible.

Making payment

Although we are taking measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, we need your help too. That's why we're asking all customers to pay for goods and services by card, and providing the value allows, please use contactless. We will sanitise our card terminal before and after every use.

Do you have a specific enquiry we haven't covered?

Our Glasgow tinting centre is always available to answer your questions, either by phone or online, even when our workshop is closed. Our specialist staff are on hand to help you with any tinting enquiry that you may have. If there's something you're not sure about, or if you have a concern that isn't mentioned, please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.