Safety & Security Window Films

Any home with glazing features such as French doors, patio doors etc. has an increased risk of damge or injury, especially in homes with children. One slip or trip, or even an act of vandalism could mean serious trouble. Don't take the chance. Protect your home and your family with an application of safety film now!

Safety film is a tough, thick laminate coating that is fitted onto your existing glass which prevents a breakage if the glass is impacted. Even in the event of an accident, the glass is held together by the safety film, meaning there are no sharp shards of glass flying around to cause injury.

Mr Tint also provide a range of security window films. Tougher than safety films, these security applications are designed to keep intruders out! Even if the window breaks, the extra strong bonding adhesive grabs the glass stopping a burglar in their tracks. Available in a range of finishes including clear, tinted, and reflecive silver to give added privacy from prying eyes.

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