Car Window Tinting West-End of Glasgow

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Window Tints

We have all seen them – cars with a window tint that looks like a crazy pavement with cracks and bevels in the tinting material.  The overall effect looks shabby and spoils the whole style of the vehicle.  So how do you get car window tinting in Glasgow that looks the part?

The answer is simple – get an expert to do the job.  If you want a house building, you go to a builder and if you want your car windows tinting, you go to a window tinting expert.  Mr Tint is one such expert who offer a wide range of top quality products with a surprising number of additional benefits.

Window tinting involves laminating the car glass with a special film that darkens the window.  Not only does it look great, it also stops people being able to see through the rear car windows, therefore protecting your stuff inside.  There are various different colours and shades available depending on taste and car style but even the lightest one also gives 99% coverage against UV rays.  This helps to stop those damaging rays from bleaching and fading the car’s interior.

The ride in a car with tinted windows is also more pleasant because the tint reduces the amount of heat in the car.  In fact, not only does it reduce the heat getting in through the windows by around 70%, it also protects occupants of the car from skin-damaging UV light.

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Mr Tint has helped clients across Glasgow's west-end including: Anniesland, Bearsden, Milngavie, Maryhill, Partick - please contact us to discuss your requirements.